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Audio player for Android

Jogular is an audio player for the working man: musician, translator, dictation taker, fake book maker, anybody who needs a good grip on their audio.

- Jog and zoom controls for easy positioning

- Waveform display

- Looping

- Play local and Drive files, all formats supported by Android

- No ads, no in-app purchases - free

While translating Trolls movie songs for Croatian dubbing, I needed a player I could use anywhere and any time an idea came up. The logical choice was an Android player because the phone is always in my pocket. However, all I could find were colorful jukeboxes with playlists and channels, and the seek bars were about an inch long. So I set out to write one myself. The first prototype was ready in two days, but it took six months to make it work as I wanted. Have fun.

Davor Slamnig

Jogular on Google Play

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