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logo.png  is a logic game where you get to burn lot of matches. The rules are simple, the music is catchy, and the smoking-hot HD animation will delight your inner pyro.

This is a computerized version of an old barroom game, usually played to decide who will stand the next round. You can choose from a selection of AI-opponents, but you can also play with a human friend*.

All the AI-players are handicapped to some extent, except the Master who plays a mean Shibitz. In fact, he's impossible to beat if you make the first move. A must for masochists!

  How to play
15 matches are laid out in 4 rows. Touch a match, and it will burn. All the other matches on the right of it will burn, too. You have made your move, and now your opponent must do the same. The players take turns until all the matches are gone. The player which burns the last match loses.

The music is generated on the fly, using Gaussian random distributions (held together by Markov chains) to produce a never-ending stream of country blues.

*) If Shibitz is played for drinks, minors should use an appropriate non-alcoholic beverage.

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