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for Windows 7

v. 1.04

TracksZONK is an algorithmic composer which uses the autoregressive model to create music. This is a fairly simple mathematical formula which predicts the future of a signal based on it's past. It is used for signal processing, for representing natural, economic or other processes, and in this case the signal is music.

ZONK is built like a simple multitrack recorder. Each track is like a player with an instrument, and has a zillion sliders and buttons to control its behavior. The music is created in real time, and can be modified on the fly. The MIDI output can drive software synthesizers, or external synths and modules. Find the detailed information in ZONKdoc

ZONK v.1.04 is free for personal and commercial use.

Download ZONK
ZONK can run on XP if you obtain a copy of msvcr100.dll and put it in the Windows\system32 folder.

Sample songs