Hi. My name is Edin and I'm working as maintenance engineer. In our fleet we have 3 ATR42-300, 3 Airbus A320-211/214 and 4 A319-112. This is my proffesion, but I also have a hoby. Flight Simulators. First Flight Simulator was MS FS98, then FS2002 and last but not least MS FS2004. In my fleet I have approx. 100 aircrafts, and I will name only the paywares: PSS A319/320/321/330/340, Aerosoft ATR42/72, CaptainSim B707/B727/Mig21/F-104, Flight1 Piper Archer,F1 C172, Wilco ERJ145, Lago F16.

My Comp. specification: XP2500+, Radeon 9500, 512Mb DDR, Elite Rudder Pedals, Saitek X-45 Hotas

Now I have discovered even more better thing. Flying online with MS FS2004 through VATSIM-Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network. If you try, you will be probably stunned as me. Now you will be able to fly with real people, using real STAR and SID procedures. All information you will find on VATSIM webpage. Only thing you will need to buy is boomset (mike+headset), because the comunication is through voice.

If you have any question regarding FS2004, Airbus A319/320 and ATR42 aircrafts, you can mail me!!

Happy online flying.