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Minor keys:

Minor keys without alterations:

Minor keys with raised 7th scale degree:

Minor keys with raised 6th and 7th scale degree:
Triad chords
Major triad chords:

Minor triad chords:

Diminished triad chords:

Augmented triad chords:

More common seventh chords
Dominant seventh chords:

Major seventh chords:

Minor seventh chords:

Diminished seventh chords:

Half-diminished seventh chords:

Less common seventh chords
Augmented seventh chords:

Minor-major seventh chords:

Augmented-major seventh chords:

Ninth chords
Dominant ninth chords:

Major ninth chords:

Minor ninth chords:

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Diatonic chords
Diatonic triad chords:

Diatonic seventh chords:

Diatonic ninth chords:

Borrowed chords
Borrowed triad chords:

Borrowed seventh chords:

Borrowed ninth chords:

Neapolitan chords:

Augmented sixth chords
Italian sixth chords:

German sixth chords:

French sixth chords:

Secondary chords
Secondary diatonic triad chords:

Secondary diatonic seventh chords:

Secondary diatonic ninth chords:

Secondary Neapolitan chords:

Secondary Italian sixth chords:

Secondary German sixth chords:

Secondary French sixth chords:

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